Connecting Our Communities 

It’s no surprise to those who live here or anyone who’s visited, that the pride of the area is the natural environment. Sitting in mid-Nithsdale, any of the three parishes will take you up glens, alongside picturesque rivers, passed fields of livestock, and amidst dense woodland. Dumfries and Galloway has some of the highest numbers of core-paths and walks waiting to be discovered by experienced and amateur walkers alike - and the Tracks and Trails group know this better than most. 

 Since the inception of the KPT Development Trust, the Tracks and Trails Group have been getting together to tackle some of the perennial problems that modern day mobility presents. Below you'll find information on some of their projects that aim to take advantage of the wonderful landscape that surrounds the villages. 

Penpont to Thornhill Off-Road Path

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The KPT Tracks and Trails team successfully secured an £8,000 grant from Sustrans, a sustainable transport charity, for the exploration into the potential for an off-road walking and cycle path between Penpont and Thornhill. The money from this fund was used to hire Countryside Management consultant, Vyv Wood-Gee, to hold community consultations as well as an options appraisal during April 2019.

                The aim of the path is to ensure that individuals of all ages can safely travel between Penpont and Thornhill alongside the A702 without confronting any of the dangers that are prevalent to this road, as well as providing a secure link between the two locations. The group have applied for further funds from Sustrans for Phase 2 of the project which will include a feasibility study and technical design.

Penpont to Keir Walk

The group secured a Paths For All donation of £1,500 in 2018 that was to be used to increase the awareness of the core path between Penpont and Keir as well as improving some of its features. A leaflet was produced that shows a map of the walk and highlights points of environmental and historical interest. Furthermore, waymarkers were installed along the walk which takes you by the newly installed bench.

                Thanks goes out to Paths For All for their donation and support and to all of the local volunteers who were involved in the project. If you would like a copy of the leaflet, please get in touch.

Tynron to Keir Walk

The most recent funding secured was a £1,000 donation from The Prince’s Countryside Fund for the future Tracks and Trails project. This project will be similar in nature to Penpont to Keir path. The funding will be used to produce a walking leaflet featuring local information walkers might come across. To get involved with this project, please get in touch.