Community Hub & Village Halls

CHAT - Community Hub Action Team

Each village boasts a successful Village Hall that sees to a number of the community's needs.  However, sometimes a more dynamic space is needed for certain activities.  And this is what was found during a previous Community Enterprise consultation: an absence of a place where multi-generational activities, workshops, and events could take place.

Recently CHAT (Community Hub Action Team) came together to further explore what the people of the KPT area thought.  A survey was delivered to every household in our area asking questions regarding use, location, preferences, etc. 

The group are using the new data, alongside data from the previous consultation to further develop the hub project forwards. 

Responding to data received from our community, CHAT are also investigating the introduction of an online 'virtual' community hub. 

The development of an online hub would provide our community with a single 'go-to' place for users to discover all our area has to offer, including information on our clubs, groups, facilities, local businesses and much more.  

The team are currently looking to obtain funding for this project and hope to deliver this to our area soon.  

An online community hub will be available as both a website and a downloadable app for mobile devices.   

Making all our community information available in one place will make it easier to find, meaning no one misses out on the information all our area has to offer. 

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If you are interested in getting involved with CHAT and their project, you can contact the Trust or get in touch with CHAT directly by emailing: