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Keir, Penpont and Tynron Development Trust

Coronavirus: A message from our Chair Maureen Halkett;

Things are moving so fast within the UK and we are now in 'Lockdown' measures.  It has been decided that the KPTDT office
will be closed until further notice and Senga, our  Development Officer, will be working from her home office. 

We will provide a prescription collection from Thornhill and the Development Officer, Senga Greenwood  will be available on
Email and mobile, Monday to Thursday.  Please advise us prior to 9.30am if you require this service.

Senga's Mobile;  07873 320824  or   Email; 

I will cover on a Friday,
Maureen's  Mobile;  07765 073913  or  Email; 

All meetings and events are cancelled until further notice.
Above all, please take the necessary precautions and stay safe. 
For all our latest information please follow our Facebook page, where we will update any changes as and when they happen.


Welcome to the homepage for the KPT Development Trust. Our website houses all of the information on who we are, our objectives, what up and coming events we have lined-up as well as news and updates on some of our projects.

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In 2016, a comprehensive study was conducted by Community Enterprise in the villages of Keir, Penpont and Tynron which was funded by CARES (Local Energy Scotland). The purpose of the consultation was to address the steady population decrease which has occurred over the years in the three areas and to explore what opportunities might lead toward lasting and sustainable benefits.

The study identified six themes that could be developed and improved by focused projects:

Connecting Our Communitiescore paths & natural environment

Renewables sustainable and renewable environmental projects

Community Communications – problem of low service areas and poor Wi-Fi

Community Hub & Village Halls – workshops & groups for all ages

Community Transport – convenient and cost effective travel

Affordable Housingbuilding of new affordable homes

The KPT Development Trust was founded to create and facilitate projects to tackle these identified areas and to stimulate local engagement and involvement.   If you are interested in any of the above themes or would like to start a project of your own please get in touch with the Trust.

Our Directors

Maureen Halkett (Chairperson) - Keir

Robert Gladstone (Treasurer) - Keir

Chris Shirley (Secretary) - Keir

Joyce Gibson - Penpont

Mizzy Marshall - Penpont

Mel Teale - Penpont

Sue King-Smith - Tynron

Margaret Gray - Tynron

Peigi Romano - Tynron

James Collins-Taylor - Tynron

KPT - Keir, Penpont and Tynron


Keir - A tiny hamlet that houses a Georgian church as well as the birthplace and home of the grave of Kirkpatrick McMillan, the inventor of the pedal-driven bicycle. 


Penpont - Small village noted as the birthplace of African explorer, Joseph Thomson. Victorian Gothic church with tall spire. 


Tynron - An unspoilt hamlet with a picturesque church and Convenanter's grave. 



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